CoV19 (On-going)

Prevention as high fashion accessory

The current COVID-19 pandemic has demanded many measures to minimize the spread; the use of face masks has been one of the most controversial ones. This issue has sparked discussion mainly from the functional aspects; however, considering cultural and psychological aspects might provide equally powerfuls insights. Most of the western cultures, for instance, consider covering the face as a loss of individuality and authenticity, meanwhile in most of the eastern world it can be considered as a collective safety measure. Designer Chen responds to the cultural needs in times where personal health is a clear urgency with a set of immunization products that reinterpret medical protection equipment. This set is designed to be used everyday while keeping social contexts in mind. In the near future, wearable hygiene equipments would be adopted by a large population if it keeps certain familiarity with daily accessories. While we are all eager for more alternatives, we could consider an opposite logic — what if using facial protection no longer means losing individuality, may it help users to express themselves like a fashion item does? Now it is the time to find out.